La Mer Huidverzorging

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The best moisturiser. The gel crème is not too rich for my skin and I use it twice a day. My skin is saying "thank you" to every time I put it on. My skin is relatively young and I find the soft creme and the original is too rich for my skin (My aunts and my mom use the richer version)... Within two weeks of usage EVERYONE including my family can see the difference! ...and the eye creme concentrate is probably the ONLY thing that works on my dark circles (the results from years of on-call at the hospital and lack of sleep). Highly recommended !!!

Geschreven door Ariodante aan September 03, 2013

Creme De La Mere is THE creme de la creme!!! Best I've used!! (& I've tried em all!!) Expensive.. Yup !! Worth every hard earned penny... Absolutely !!!!

Geschreven door ultam8girl aan June 14, 2013

I have been use this La Mer moisterizing cream for three years, feel very good, will keep using it. I also use it for eye cream at night.

Geschreven door Jenny Song aan May 21, 2013

Very effective in keeping the skin soft. I use it after lap swim, after bath, etc. It is expensive but this jar will last for several months.

Geschreven door toots aan March 12, 2013

1 - 4 (van 4 Recencies)