For women who want to make an impression that lasts, Tresor perfume by Lancome is the fragrance that sets the right tone. This casual but flowery scent, introduced by Lancome in 1990, has a moderate, fruity bouquet that works wonderfully in any situation you find yourself in. It mixes a careful balance of apricot and lilac with lower notes of musk and amber. For the woman who wants to stand out in a crowd, Tresor perfume is the perfect complement.
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Been wearing it for 20 yrs love it.

Geschreven door Anoniem aan March 11, 2018

I've tried other perfumes but nothing smells as good on me as Tresor .. I get asked all the time what it is I'm wearing. This will always be my 'Signature Scent'!

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Geschreven door Corri from Kamloops BC aan November 15, 2017

Tresor is my favorite of all time. I wore Shalimar for years, but one day a lady walked past me in the grocery store and she smelled so good I followed her! Turns out she was wearing Tresor, I switched that very day and have never regretted my decision. I get compliments on the fragrance almost every time I go out. It's wonderful & elegant.

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Geschreven door Cindy from Phoenix aan May 24, 2017

Im 84 and have used Tresor when I could find it and afford it. I miss wearing it always got compliments.

Geschreven door Anoniem aan December 16, 2016

I buy it every time for my wife, about 2 or 3 times a year, and she love it more than other perfume! Try it, and you will be hooked on it too! "Tresor BY Lancome" for womens.

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Geschreven door Wolfgang aan November 07, 2016

1 - 5 (van 20 Recencies)