Lacoste Parfums

Their fragrances for men and women include Inspiration perfume, which captures the essence of feminine freedom with a blend of white florals, sensual woods and enticing musks. Other perfume offerings are Pink and Pour Femme, which is targeted to "audacious women" who are "free spirits who act on impulse." Men's colognes are represented by Lacoste Pour Homme, Red, and the newest fragrance, Essential, which features top notes of aquatic citrus, tangerine and bergamot.

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Lacoste Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc

Eau de toilette

mannen 48% KORTING
4.8 Sterren (32 Reviews)

Lacoste Essential

Eau de toilette


2 maten beschikbaar

4.8 Sterren (20 Reviews)

Touch Of Pink

Eau de toilette

vrouwen 55% KORTING
4.6 Sterren (10 Reviews)

Lacoste L'Homme

Eau de toilette

mannen 49% KORTING
5.0 Sterren

Lacoste Pour Femme

eau de parfum

vrouwen 54% KORTING
5.0 Sterren (32 Reviews)

Lacoste Red Style In Play

Eau de toilette

mannen 18% KORTING
4.8 Sterren (25 Reviews)


Eau de toilette

mannen 43% KORTING
5.0 Sterren

Lacoste L'Homme


mannen 20% KORTING

Lacoste Pour Homme

Eau de toilette

mannen 54% KORTING
4.3 Sterren (17 Reviews)