Jil Sander Sun Parfums

Seizing the brilliance of the summer sun and translating it into a fragrant expression of vibrancy and radiance, Jil Sanders Sun for women is an ideal spring and summer accessory and a nostalgic look back during the cold months. With a fresh opening of bergamot and tangy black currant, the scent expands into a complex aromatic blend built around floral hints such as lily of the valley and carnation, with a warm, long-lasting foundation into which tonka bean notes bring their soothing gourmand aromas. A Jil Sanders 1989 creation, Sun appears as an approachable scent, despite its impressive depth.
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Such a wonderful, clean fragrance!! I love it! I wore this fragrance several years ago. I am happy to be wearing it again.

Geschreven door Phyllis J. K. Owens aan September 12, 2016

My friend from Germany wears it every day, and it makes me go crazy every time I see him. It is the best cologne I've ever smelled.

Geschreven door Lynn aan March 18, 2011

The best cologne I ever had, girls go wild just because it’s unique scent.

Geschreven door Hazeleyes aan November 22, 2010

I hope you get this back in stock soon. This is in the top three Perfumes of my life. It reminds me of the warm Mediterranean-a little hint of orange with an undercurrent of something warm- A very suductive, but not overpowering, sublime fragrance.

Geschreven door Phoenix aan April 01, 2010

I have been wearing Sun for 16 years, since I have been 16 years old. I love it. It is one of the only parfumes that does not give me a headache and fits to any time of outfit or event. All those years, I have been asking people to bring it with them, when returning from Germany. Now I know where I can order it, without the hastle of asking others.

Geschreven door Liz aan August 05, 2009

1 - 5 (van 19 Recencies)