Created in 2013, Jour D'Hermes is an exciting new women's fragrance from the Hermes line. Featuring citrusy notes of grapefruit and lemon, this scent is undeniably crisp and refreshing, ideal for giving you that extra burst of energy you need on a tough day. Watery and green notes add a whimsical yet natural appeal to this timeless fragrance. From the first time you wear Jour D'Hermes to the hundredth, the aroma is vibrant and charming.
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Jour d'Hermes

Jour d'Hermes

Jour d'Hermes

eau de parfum


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This Hermes perfumista perfect for the day hours. I love it. It is one of Jean Claude Ellena créations. I ordered in travel size and it comes with a beautiful orange bag.

5 Sterren

Geschreven door Rossana aan November 30, 2016

Because the bottle is re-fillable, I love being able to purchase the refill bottle.

4 Sterren

Geschreven door Anoniem aan October 12, 2014

I L-O-V-E this fragrance! I try not to wear it all the time; as not to wear it out. It is light and refreshing. Perfect for the spring and summer. I first experienced Jour d'Hermes when I was in Spain and I fell in love immediately! It has become one of my all-time favorites.

5 Sterren

Geschreven door lori aan July 15, 2014

I love this fragrance, it is very fresh, someone gave me sample, can't wait to purchase a full size bottle. Jour D'Hermes will be a spring/summer floral for me. I usually wear Dolce and Gabbana light blue, but wanted tp try something new.

Geschreven door bailey45 aan January 23, 2014

Love, love, love this perfume. It my favorite of all times!

Geschreven door Valerie aan January 05, 2014

1 - 5 (van 12 Recencies)