Chanel Pour Monsieur Parfum

Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 oz
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I love this aftershave, It reminds me of sherbet lemons. However I don't think I will be buying this again as I think the strong notes of this aftershave literally last for half an hour.

Geschreven door Thomas aan July 24, 2011

I am a female in my late 30's and the man I am currently dating wears this scent. I am very picky about my perfume and the cologne my man wears. I don't go with whatever is "in" or on the market. I have to really like it. Oh my...ever since I first smelled it I loved it! I love to dig my face in his neck and take a huge whiff. Just recently after wearing it consistently since we met six months ago, he ran out and changed the scent on me. I was so sad. I had to tell him "PLEASE BUY WHATEVER YOU'VE BEEN WEARING FOR THESE LAST SIX MONTHS." He told me what it was. Don't want him to ever smell any different! My advice to men....BUY will love the results!

Geschreven door Chanel for men aan June 05, 2011

Have been using Chanel Pour Monsieur since 1969. .....only for special occasions....and each time I've been asked the fragrance....a winner...hands down !!

Geschreven door Jerry R aan July 04, 2010

This says it is citrus/fruity, which I do not agree with. I do not really believe it fits into any of the categories it makes you choose from. My boyfriend wears this and I have never liked a scent on any man more than this it love it!!!

Geschreven door peeko03 aan January 05, 2010

I bought Pour Monsieur by chanel. I pride myself on having a good cologne collection. Pour Monsieur is the best one I have. I lnstantly fell in love with the scent and now I know that this is the one I will buy from now on. Reminds me of drakkar except much better. (Yes, i didnt think it was possible either.) I was so impressed that I bought egoiste from chanel. Cant wait to see how I like that one.

Geschreven door George W Bush aan May 29, 2009

1 - 5 (van 16 Recencies)