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Nina by Nina Ricci is a fragrance that has been worn by women everywhere since 1987. Its rich aroma of florals, woodsy greens, and fruit makes this a scent that is perfect for a number of occasions, including an evening drink with your friends or an afternoon stroll with that special someone. With such a diverse array of scents, Nina is the perfume of choice for women who wish to complement their favorite outfit with something subtle, yet wholly unique.
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The scent is nice, but it doesn't thrill me and doesn't have much staying power on me. From the reviews and fragrance notes indicated, I was expecting a woodsy, fruity, spicy WOW, but it's just not my style.

3 Sterren

Geschreven door RachelO aan November 10, 2016

Nina Ricci has a wonderful scent that lasts for a reasonable hours. It's perfect for all occasions. I love it.

5 Sterren

Geschreven door Sally aan October 24, 2016

Just love it. Have been using Nina Ricci for years, it's soft scent is very appealing.

Geschreven door Anoniem aan August 23, 2016

This was THE VERY FIRST bottle of perfume that I bought. I smelled this in a cosmo magazine. I feel in love on contact with this! I simply HAD TO HAVE THIS!! I bought the matching body lotion too. It's another one of those unique scents that nothing else resembles it. This is the perfume that set me on the path to become a PERFUME JUNKIE. My guy when he first smelled this he told me it reminded him of the girls he knew back in high school. I didn't know if that was a good thing or bad I wore every last drop of it. A Beautiful bottle too!!

4 Sterren

Geschreven door Tonya aan April 03, 2014

Very pretty fruity spicy fragrance. This one has a good zing to it from citruses and woods so the berrry notes are not too sweet. Kinda deep and sexy after the drydown. Lovely fragrance and a beautiful bottle also.

4 Sterren

Geschreven door rickyrebarco aan March 05, 2014

1 - 5 (van 20 Recencies)