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A mature yet moderate fragrance, Mandarina Duck is an alluring scent for the sophisticated and contemporary woman. First introduced by Mandarina Duck in 2006, this fresh, lilting perfume provides an engaging bouquet for any casual occasion, whether you'll be enjoying a day at the beach or having a relaxing lunch with friends. It brings together an engaging balance of notes such as honeysuckle, jasmine tea, bergamot, yellow freesia, white pepper, and gardenia for a fruity essence that smells great.
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Mandarina Duck

Mandarina Duck

Mandarina Duck

eau de toilette

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I found this fragance in South America sometime around 2008 and have been purchasing it there every trip... but I don't travel so much so plan on purchasing it here using this website... price is slightly higher but probably due to the dollar exchange rate....

5 Sterren

Geschreven door Sassy de Rosario aan July 07, 2012

I started wearing this summer 2010. I fell in love with it when I was in las vegas. It's a clean smell with lemon tones, but not heavy. I actually smell it better now that it's winter. It may seem more of a spring summer fragrance but it really pops now that it cold. I believe it's best to wear the lotion along with the perfume.

Geschreven door sweet smells aan January 10, 2011

This is a very elegant fragrance, subtle and refined. I bought it 2-3 months ago and used almost everyday ever since at work, on weekends. I love it and I highly recommend it!

Geschreven door Francesca aan October 19, 2009

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