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Oxygene cologne for men is an exciting blend of gardenia, pepper and musk, resulting in a unique and intriguing fragrance that is sure to get you noticed. Introduced by Lanvin in 2001, Oxygene is a scent appreciated by men in all age groups. This is the perfect cologne to wear with jeans or shorts. Spray it on before joining friends for golf or tennis, or wear it on a lunch outing with that special someone.
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Oxygene for men is perfect for summer wear. This is my signature scent once warm weather arrives.

4 Sterren

Geschreven door TBM aan March 27, 2012

Highly recommend Oxygene. It always gets me compliments.

Geschreven door Jones aan October 17, 2010

It is wonderful, I feel naked without it. Everytime I weaqr it everyoe asks what fragrance is it. It has a beautiful, fresh feeling that is not overbearing. I love it. HBC

Geschreven door Anoniem aan June 24, 2009

Oxygene is by far one of the best scents I've been exposed to in the way of fragrances. With it's moderate but lasting scent it creates a mood for the outdoors, so to speak. I would recommend this fragrance to anyone who loves to be treated royally, even if it is for them alone.

Geschreven door Theodora aan April 22, 2009

I get compliments on this scent (Oxygene) wherever I go.

Geschreven door Nina aan April 07, 2009

1 - 5 (van 20 Recencies)