Lacoste Pour Homme Parfum

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Clean, fresh and very masculine, Lacoste Pour Homme cologne from Lacoste is a perfect choice for the active man who wants a manly, distinctive scent he can wear for any daytime occasion. This causal citrus scent was introduced by Lacoste in 2002. Its fragrance combines a rich mixture of cinnamon, juniper, plum and apple for an exciting, woodsy bouquet that's appropriate for any time of day. Lacoste Pour Homme is an excellent choice for the active man on the go.
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Can never get enough of Lacoste!!!! And the Ladies love it....Great price as usual and would only buy it here!!!

5 Sterren

Geschreven door TINACE aan November 23, 2016

Lacoste Pour Homme by Lacoste is a good all around fragrance, not to heavy or sweet. One of my favorites.

4 Sterren

Geschreven door Chuck M aan February 19, 2014

This fragrance is great for summer or spring. It is not good for winter months because of its light scent.

4 Sterren

Geschreven door chipstoy aan February 05, 2014

I bought this one for my son it was the wrong Lacoste I wanted the Lacoste Essential which is a great one ,Clean scent for a young man .This one had a pepper smell to it ,giving it to my Older uncle .Not for a young man that's for sure .

2 Sterren

Geschreven door Dawna 111 aan November 26, 2013

Lacoste pour home Escellent

Geschreven door Anoniem aan March 21, 2013

1 - 5 (van 20 Recencies)