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Lacoste Challenge by Lacoste is a casual cologne for men. Introduced in 2009, this fragrance represents pure energy and strength. Its notes include tangerine, bergamot and lemon, which bring out a pleasant and sensual harmony. Its base notes are comprised of teakwood and ebony, which are in charge of its powerful, modern style. Apply Lacoste Challenge in the morning and you will certainly keep a fresh scent for long hours regardless of the type of activities you engage in.
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The first time that I tried Lacoste Challenge I was very suprised just how nice it smelled. It has such a wonderful lemon scent combined with a certain freshness to it that made me like it so much. If your looking for something different that's light and pleasant just give it a try. I think you"ll like it also.

5 Sterren

Geschreven door Tom from Chicago aan April 18, 2014

My husband and son said by far this is the best cologne.

5 Sterren

Geschreven door Paula aan December 27, 2012

Its really great sent! have a lot of colognes I use this every day. Try it is good stuff

Geschreven door dman57 aan April 27, 2011

its just a perfect clogne. my wife loves it when i wear it.

Geschreven door waseem aan March 11, 2010

Challenge is a great all around scent. My wife gave it to me for Christmas, and I absolutely love it, even though I was initially not sure what to expect. Great scent!

Geschreven door I Like Cologne aan February 09, 2010

1 - 5 (van 13 Recencies)