Kenzo Ca Sent Beau Parfum

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The fruity, floral fragrance of Ca Sent Beau is a captivating fruity floral scent for women. Launched in 1980, this perfume is composed by Francoise Caron. At the start are hints from bergamot, patchouli and mandarin orange. The heart features cherishing notes from African orange flower, ylang-ylang, coriander, gardenia, jasmine, peach and tuberose, while the hints from vetiver, vanilla and amber fills the base.
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Kenzo Ca Sent Beau

Kenzo Ca Sent Beau

Kenzo Ca Sent Beau

eau de toilette

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Ca Sent Beau is "for ladies" but is an incredible masculine. Top notes very tuberosey, but settles into a great, citrusy/floral just perfect for an elegant, masculine guy. Get it, guys.

Geschreven door Anoniem aan June 14, 2010

KENZO CA SENT BEAU = "THAT SMELLS BEAUTIFUL" This was sweeter than I expected, especially upon application. I wouldn't use it as a "signature" fragrance, but will enjoy it for daytime use. My cats love it, by the way.

Geschreven door Betsy aan December 03, 2009

Aptly named this is "beautiful" Lovely scent for spring and summer a subtle smooth tangerine scent with a woody background I love it!

Geschreven door judy aan April 06, 2009

I have been wearing this scent since 1989 when I was 19. I am now 36 and people still stop me and ask what perfume I am wearing. What's even better is this fragrance lasts me all day. If I want to feel feminine, sexy and invincible, then I wear this scent; and my husband just adores it.

Geschreven door Jane aan August 25, 2006

1 - 4 (van 4 Recencies)