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Feel energized throughout the day or night with help from Boss Orange Man. Brought to the market by Hugo Boss in 2011, this fresh fragrance features top notes of coriander and apple, heart notes of frankincense and pepper, and base notes of exotic vanilla and Bubinga wood. Perfect for casual wear, this stimulating and refreshing blend helps you feel confident and assured when facing busy schedules and important events.
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Boss Orange

Boss Orange

Eau de toilette


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Boss Orange goes on with a heavy amber scent but quickly dries down to a VERY subtle vanilla with mild citrus notes. I do like the scent, but it lasts only about 30 minutes. I asked my hubby with the keen sense of smell to get close to me and see if he could detect any scent after 45 minutes...NOTHING. Neither could I. For the price of this perfume, I would skip it. It smells good IF it had any staying power at all.

3 Sterren

Geschreven door Garden Lady aan April 26, 2013

Boss Orange has had a bit of a revival here in the UK with Kate Moss fronting the campaign, so it's really easy to get hold of. I was initially looking for a new fragrance this year with vanilla, amber and citrus notes as its main ingredients. I prefer oriental & spicy or flowery & spicy fragrances, so when I searched via Google I found Boss Orange. I am on my second bottle already and continue to love it. It is not heavy, but warm and spicy which envelopes you in a comforting way. Other people notice, but only if they get close and are often surprised when I tell them it is Boss Orange - maybe because it's not overly orange smelling (perhaps at first when you spray it), but it dries down to some really exotic, but subtle aromas - it lingers wonderfully on clothes too. Not a bad price either!

Geschreven door Sestra aan May 17, 2012

i was stuck with one perfume most of my life because i couldn't find anything that matched my chemistry, i loved the warm, slightly fruity sent of my old perfume until i found this one! people stop me all the time and ask what i am wearing, and want to know where to get it! its a very sensual fragrance reminds me of the smell of the islands, a warm fragrance with a hint of fruit, not an alcoholy, flowery or overwhelming smell. perfect for day or night.

5 Sterren

Geschreven door Cindy aan December 06, 2011

I very rarely write a review of anything. I hardley ever wear any kind of fragrance for a number of reasons. But this one...I received as a free sample. And I'm hooked. Love the scent. All I can say is that there is definately something captivating about it for me and I will be buying it and I'm so glad I opened the little sample packet.

5 Sterren

Geschreven door Alice Self aan September 02, 2011

Fragrance must be admired by a the couple. My husband must enjoy the air about his wife = me! So we AGREED when in the Carribbean and found Hugo Boss Orange! WE LOVE IT! Day and Evening it is all occasion and on the go! 5 STARS!

Geschreven door Deanna Fitzmayer aan January 25, 2011

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