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Hugo Boss has defined men's scents for decades, and there's no more classic example of a true men's fragrance than Boss in Motion. This cologne, first introduced in 2002, combines the traditional masculine tones of a men's cologne with a contemporary touch that is completely at home in the twenty-first century. With notes of basil flowers, dry pink pepper and musk, it's fully a man's scent, yet it has softer tones that give it subtlety.
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Boss In Motion

Boss In Motion

Eau de toilette

mannen 41% KORTING
4.2 Sterren (6 Reviews)

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Hugo boss shave lotion aftershave lotion shower gel and deodorant I got them because I got a email with a percentage off and my boyfriend loves loves loves them You should buy them Person using them will love them !!!!

5 Sterren

Geschreven door Kimmie Q aan November 09, 2016

I bought boss in motion for my husband birthday which is today and he loved it

5 Sterren

Geschreven door Anoniem aan October 24, 2016

Very nice. Doesn't last as long as I'd like but great scent.

5 Sterren

Geschreven door HoganBro aan May 16, 2013

I have been using this for 3years and cant stop loving it. The fragrance attracts opposite sex, lol. Its very nice on women than men

5 Sterren

Geschreven door kudirat aan April 03, 2013

I love the way it makes my husband smell. Very sexy smell. He get compliments all the time.

4 Sterren

Geschreven door Cee aan February 26, 2013

1 - 5 (van 19 Recencies)