Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme Parfum

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Indulge yourself in pleasure with Guilty Black Pour Homme from Gucci. Released in 2013, this men's fragrance is tailored specifically to young gents who live their life to the fullest in pursuit of excitement. Green coriander, lavender and orange blossom notes create an invigorating aromatic and green accord different from anything you've seen before. Show everyone that its okay to break the rules with this mysterious scent from the designer with a knack for award-winning fragrances.
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Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme

Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme

Eau de toilette

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This cologne is "AWESOME"... If you like to smell good this is a must have!!!!!!!!!

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Geschreven door Gucci Guilty aan January 17, 2014


Geschreven door kitan aan April 16, 2013

1 - 2 (van 2 Recencies)