Tartine Et Chocolate Parfum

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Opt for sweet and light when you choose Tartine et Chocolat, the fresh, airy fragrance from Givenchy. Created in 1987, this classic fragrance features juicy orange and tart lemon notes, evoking thoughts of warm summer breezes. Cool, refreshing mint notes are invigorating, uplifting you and drawing attention. Fresh florals, including sweet jasmine and aromatic lily of the valley, provide a clean finish that keeps you feeling energized for hours, making Tartine et Chocolat an ideal fragrance choice for casual days or formal nights.
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i like it so much! fresh...

Geschreven door Thanh aan January 13, 2007

This is a child's fragrance from a French children's clothing boutique. But adults love it as well. Perfect for little girls, not mature men....

Geschreven door Anoniem aan December 29, 2006

The name alone, aside from the scent, is enough to make you hungry.

Geschreven door Jacques Pepin aan August 22, 2006

1 - 3 (van 3 Recencies)