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Telling the story of the thrills and challenges of a high-energy F1® race, the F1 Race Collection has been meticulously designed and crafted in collaboration with the world’s leading Master Perfumers. Whilst not immediately apparent, the worlds of perfumery and F1 are parallel: both are driven forward by technological advances and a strive for perfection, with human ingenuity and a foundation of heritage at their heart. The aerodynamic bottle, designed by Ross Lovegrove, takes its inspiration from the 2020 F1 car chassis, in a pleasingly tactile form and colours that reflect the scent inside. The F1® Race Collection is a celebration of the exciting and dynamic world of F1, the technology, the drivers, and most importantly, the speed of the race. From the pre-race nerves of steel in Precious Mettle, taking high octane turns with Turn 1 and the rush of overtaking at 320kmph, the fearlessness of heading into the final straight in Neeeum White to standing victorious on the podium with Carbon Reign.
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