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Introduced by Costume National in 2002, Costume National Scent is a full-bodied fragrance whose exotic blend of scents is a fitting tribute to romance. Florals, including hibiscus and jasmine, and woods are the major participants in this women's perfume, imbuing rich blooms and intimate warmth that will perfectly complement an evening of candlelight dinners or a day of sun-kissed walks at the beach. Blazing amber smolders to create a scent profile that's bold and alluring, so you can approach any occassion with confidence.
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Costume National Scent

Costume National Scent

Costume National Scent

eau de parfum


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I'm a dedicated fan of Costume National Scent- have been for years! I don't know how I would substitute it and if I were put in the position to have to do that, I would be at a total loss. I forever get compliments. I use it 24/7. It's sexy and it, love it. love it!!!

5 Sterren

Geschreven door Anoniem aan September 29, 2012

I just adore this scent - very difficult to find in England - so pleased you stock it - it's fabulous!

Geschreven door Carolyn aan June 16, 2009

Costume National is the ONLY fragrance that people have commented on daily! I used to rep for a fragrance company; so therefore I have access to numerous fragrances that unfortunately do not compare to Costume National. It is classy, sexy and subtle. Totally my first choice!!

Geschreven door Christie aan May 19, 2009

I already left a review some time ago, of Scent, by Costume National. This perfume is just beautiful!!!!! It has been my favorite scent for over 10 years! No stores around here sells it, I have sent so many ladies to this web site to purchase it, I just purchased 2 bottles to bring with me on my vacation, one of them is for my mother, who just told me that she fell in love with my perfume that I left at her house last time. I stop people where ever I go, they all want to know what I have on that smells so good and refreshing. I was introduce to it first in Canada,after all these years I still can't find it here in Syracuse. I was so happy to find it on your website. Thank-you, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geschreven door Norma aan May 05, 2009

Costume National I wandered into the fragrance hall at Liberty's London sometime in 2003 and amongst all the blast of over powering scents, this one called me. I have worn it ever since, and now I am 'known' for it. At work people tell me that they know I must be in my office, because they could smell my perfume in the reception area. Everyone asks me what it is, all the time. Its one of those scents that either works with you- or doesn't.

Geschreven door Nationale Femme aan November 22, 2008

1 - 5 (van 12 Recencies)