Add a touch of passion to your life with Poison by Christian Dior. Amber, honey and berries mix perfectly with spices in this exciting fragrance for women. Introduced in 1985, Poison allows you to express your inner confidence without overwhelming the room. Splash it gently onto your skin before you leave the house for a date with the one you love or a romantic encounter with an exciting new person and enjoy the energy it brings to the encounter.
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Havnt had this product for a year. Just love it. Prod. Poison

Geschreven door Jacqueline j p aan October 05, 2016

This is one of my very favorites! I sneeze with most perfumes and colognes-this one I do not! I had it on during a business transaction and the person we were dealing with had worked in the perfume business-he recognized the poison and told me I wore it very well. He also said it did not smell like it should on a lot of people. So I was truly pleased!

Geschreven door Katrinka aan August 21, 2016

Love the fragrance. It's an oldie-but-goodie. Good deal on it too.

Geschreven door CC aan July 14, 2016

Great classic oriental. This one has been a go to evening out fragrance for women for years.

5 Sterren

Geschreven door rickyrebarco aan March 10, 2014

Purchased Poison by Christian Dior. A great scent that is sensual , spicy and sweet all at the same time. Have looked all over my area for this scent because I have purchased it previously and could not find it in any of the stores in my area. I was very happy to find it on line at a great price.

Geschreven door Jackie aan February 13, 2014

1 - 5 (van 20 Recencies)