Allure Edition Blanche Parfum

A collision of addictive fragrances, Allure Edition Blanche has an intense aroma that enlivens the deepest of your senses. Created in 2008, this fragrance for men appears in different fragrance levels. At first, the Chanel fragrance appears spicy with notes from Black Pepper and Pink Pepper. The scent then gradually moves off to fresh and deep fragrances from Leather, Lemon, Sandalwood and Bergamot for depth. The perfume then introduces notes of Tonka Bean, Musk, Vetiver and woody notes for a scent that is truly masculine in its characteristics.
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Allure Homme Blacnche Edition starts out a little citrusy, but that quickly turns to a smooth vanilla type scent. It is perfect for anytime. The bottom line is you won't be disappointed with this one.

4 Stars

Written by Anonymous on February 17, 2012

Great everyday office fragrance. Perfect for warm weather. Starts off with very "citrusy " but dries down to a nice creamy fragrance. Not too loud so need to worry about it offending colleagues.

4 Stars

Written by Johnno on August 03, 2011

This is amazing. wonderful smell

Written by masse on February 08, 2011

its smells absolutley amazing its marvelous

Written by Anonymous on April 18, 2010

A master piece

Written by R.F on October 04, 2009

1 - 5 (of 8 Reviews)