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Make your escape from the norm with Calvin Klein's CK Free for men. This grassy fragrance uses the scents of absinthe and juniper berries over a base of Texas cedar and patchouli to create a fresh and natural woodsy aroma with just a hint of fruit. Created for casual use in 2009, the fragrance is a perfect everyday cologne, Wear it whenever you want to smell masculine yet laid-back, without having to worry about overwhelming the room or your companions.
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Ck Free

Ck Free

Ck Free

eau de toilette

mannen 49% KORTING
4.4 Sterren (13 Reviews)

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I like the scent very much- initially it struck me as being similar to so many other colognes I've worn and smelled over the years- very fresh/citrus-y. But this one has some subtle cedar/woodsy/grassy notes in it that set it apart from the others. It's a good everyday scent.

Geschreven door Bear3 aan January 28, 2013

I LOVE c k free,great for spring and summer,people say this is a college person's cologne but it's not,it's a great scent for anyone.......CALVIN KLEIN IS THE MAN!!!!!!

Geschreven door GROWN MAN aan December 10, 2012

Perfect, smells like a lighter version of Givenchy XR. Free has a dry cedar base; XR more soapy/sweet..same top. CK needs to do an 'intense' version w/ more juniper. I like this one!

Geschreven door Oahu Red aan March 05, 2011

ck one what can i say ive had it for a few months now not impressed with it, its boring generic dosen't last to long either pretty much a waste of my money

Geschreven door Anoniem aan July 01, 2010

i just bought this cologne and i must say i am impressed with it. this is going to be my new summer scent.

Geschreven door Dave aan April 18, 2010

1 - 5 (van 8 Recencies)