Antonio Puig Parfum

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Antonio Puig Parfum
Originally named for it’s founder, Antonio Puig (born 1889), a native of Barcelona, Spain and son of a businessman. After travels in France and England as a young man, he returned to Spain and become a distributor for foreign cosmetics and perfumes. Antonio Puig, S.A. was established in 1914 and began importing various French fragrances. In 1939, the company launched Lavanda Puig, an eau de cologne that became one of its best-selling brands. It was a local product designed for the domestic market, and it became a household name in Spain. By the mid-1950s, Antonio Puig had been joined in the business by his four sons, Antonio, Mariano, Jose Maria, and Enrique. In 1968, the scent Agua Brava was released which was followed in 1969 by Azur de Puig. Both of these fragrances remained best-sellers for the company for decades.
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