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Introduced in 1996, Grand Amour by Annick Goutal is a lovely fragrance that is just what romantic women seek. The perfume's enticing mix of honeysuckle and lily combines with base notes of hyacinth and vanilla to create the perfect scent for those special occasions. Whether this scent is worn at an intimate dinner for two or for a charming stroll in the park with your loved one, Grand Amour will ensure that you make an impression.
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Grand Amour

Grand Amour

Grand Amour

eau de parfum


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I love this fragrance. Makes me feel young and full of life.

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Geschreven door Sue. aan March 19, 2013

spring in a bottle. Very pretty.

Geschreven door Linda S aan December 27, 2010

Grand Amour is a beautiful soft fragrance that would captivate a man who prefers a light scent on a woman. The bottle that I ordered though must have been old because the scent does not last more that 30 minutes whether on skin or clothes.

Geschreven door Joannie Sobczak aan September 08, 2009

Grand Amour - I love this perfume, I wear it depending on my mood and where I am going. Gives me a lift because I can smell it during the time I wear it. Love it!

Geschreven door Gloria aan January 11, 2009

I have had young and older men ask me quite seriously what fragrance I was wearing and where they could buy it for their woman. One man told me it evoked memories of when he gave his wife flowers for the first time. WOW!

Geschreven door Kimberly aan December 26, 2008

1 - 5 (van 7 Recencies)