Annayake Miyabi Parfums

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Smell great all day when you apply Annayake Miyabi, a simplistic, well-balanced women's fragrance. While the aroma lasts throughout the day, the subtle nature of this fragrance is hardly noticeable unless you come into close contact with someone, which makes it ideal for indoor use. Created by Annayake in 2009, this fragrance features the sweet, rejuvenating scent of peach mixed with the comforting aroma of vanilla and tonka bean notes. The freesia note gives the fragrance a pleasing floral aroma, and the musk note offers a long-lasting aromatic scent.
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Miyabe is a stunning scent, with vanilla and spice in addition to some fruit and florals. It is calming and lovely. Perfect for any time.

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Geschreven door Rickyrebarco aan June 30, 2014

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