Kim Kardashian Pure Honey Perfume

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Introduced in 2013, Pure Honey by Kim Kardashian is a beautiful fragrance for women that is light and sweet, yet powerful. The flowery notes of red rose, freesia, Mandarin blossom, honeysuckle and honey give the scent a youthful tone. The fragrance is a great choice if you are looking for something that will take you to a warm and sunny place. It is an exceptional scent to wear on a picnic or to the park.
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Kim Kardashian does it once again with this intoxicating blend of woods and flowers with an incredible over tone of honey in all it's richness!

Written by Kimberlye on July 20, 2015

Pure Honey is simply awesome! This is my 4th submission and I won't stop until its printed! Please let the customers know they will LOVE this scent! Heavenly, unique; a honeysuckle, musk, honey scent. I purchased 2 bottles and will get another one soon.

5 Stars

Written by Theresa on July 27, 2014

PURE HONEY is a scent unlike no other...if you are looking for a more substantial scent that is not just another sweet,floral one, you have found it. The honeysuckle and honey are the prevelant notes added with a dry down of musk. Simply, subtle--CLASSY. I have purchased 2 bottles in 2 days because I can not be without this perfume. The scent is for a woman that wants a unique scent but still a classic---here it is!!!! PURE HONEY...what I like is its not overly sweet.

5 Stars

Written by Theresa on July 23, 2014

1 - 3 (of 3 Reviews)